D'Triumph's Vision

D’Triumph is a Disruptive Financial Trading Platform which aims to transform the capital market through new liquidation methodology and technology. We provide a platform for primary market and secondary markets for equities and funds and other forms backed by existing assets as well as new assets in the hyper-connected capital markets. We intend to bring disruption into existing financial systems and capital markets through our compliant transaction methods of liquidation of private assets and markets, and offer a fresh and enriched method of investment and financial services.

Business Areas


Disruptive Primary and Secondary Market Platform

Build a financial platform that disrupts existing systems of issuance, offering, trading and financing of securities to maximize liquidity and profitability of investment


Trading Platform for Unlisted Stocks and Funds

Launch ‘Unlisted Stock Trading Platform’ where equity securities will be generated in a compliant method that enables them to be traded freely, and transparently with blockchain technology unlike other existing OTCs. Gradually, funds and other financial instruments in the capital market will be traded on our platform.


Incubating / Accelerating / Investment

Provide consulting, expertise, and resources for business development, marketing, technology, and space. Invest in start-ups that have high growth potential within Fintech and IT industry.


Event Hosting

Manage an IR center for Fintech and IT start-ups targeting investors and institutional network. Host lectures and seminars based on a solid network of industry partners and policy professionals.


Inchol Yu

CEO/Managing Partner

Daesung Investment
Magellan Tech Investment
Daesung Group and Anver
BA at Yonsei University

Wansung Park


Ernst & Young
Shinseung Accounting
BMW Korea and Com2us
BA at Georgia State University
MBA at Yonsei University

David Seungtai Kim


P&I Investment
Sansoo Ventures
BBA at Emory University
MBA at Sogang University

Minho Lee

General Manager/Partner

VAIIM Consulting
Bloomberg LP
Mergermarket Group
BA at Emory University
MA at Yonsei University

Sejin Yang


Pume Asset Management
Green Asset Management
Well-to-Sea Investment
Dongwon Group
BBA at Sungkyunkwan University

Youngho Kong


Ventureport Inc.

Yoongu Jeon


Ventureport Inc.
Bookband Inc.
BA at Handong University

Miyeon Kim

Head of Product Development


LINE, SK Planet
BA at Ehwa Women’s University
MA at Brunel University

Daeguen Lee


Samsung Electronics
Ph.D at Chonnam National University

Eunyoung Oh

Senior Developer

NH Securities
Woori Investment Bank
Eugene Investment & Securities

BS at Yonsei University

Yura Hong

UI/UX Designer

DynaMixer Design
WIDAS Company

Jaebyong Kim


Happy Rising

Jongsung Yu

Senior Developer

Woori Investment Bank
Eugene Investment & Securities
Lotte Data Communication

BS at Doowon University

Taeyoung Lee

Senior Developer

Korea Investment & Securities
Woojin Electron Knight
BS at Dankook University

Byungchul Lee

Senior Developer

13 years in program development
BS at Dongwon University

Jiyeon Lee

UI/UX Designer

10 years in UI/UX design

Seulgi Kim

Product Manager

3 years in business and system planning
BA at Ajou University


Darren Kim

CEO&Co-founder at Rankingball
CEO&founder at Key2Net Solution
BS/MS at Yonsei University
MS at Stanford University

Hajin Jeon

Vice-chairman at Korea Blockchain Association
Former CEO at HANCOM and Netian
BS at Inha University
MBA at Yonsei University

Malcolm Tan

Chairman at Gravitas Holdings Singapore
Advisor at ICO Max
Founding Partner at
Coinstreet Asia
Lawyer/Entrepreneur in Finance and IT
BA in Law at National University of Singapore

Kris Ghil

MD at Pi Capital
International LLC
Committee Member of KOSPI Market Committee
Co-Chairman at IIPCC Korea
BA/MA at Seoul National University

Woohyun Jin

PM at Snow
PM and Developer at Microsoft and Naver
BS/MS at Stanford University

Folkert Graafsma

Sr. Legal Professional at VVGB
MBA and LLM at
Stanford University

John Mackewich

Attorney at Dinsmore &
Shohl LLP
BA at Wayne State University
JD at University of Toledo



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